Birong Inis Tungkol sa Kagandahan ni Liza Soberano, Pinarating ng mga Netizens

Celebrities joined the whole world in celebrating the Halloween. For the past few days, we have been seeing them in their chosen costumes from posts in their social media accounts. Some exuded cuteness while some showed creativity. Others decided give the Trick or Treat season a twist by wearing nontraditional costumes to display uniqueness. The rest entertained us by looking scary and spooky.

One of the celebrities who dressed up for the occasion and has caught the attention of many netizens was Liza Soberano. She shared snapshots of her costume in her Instagram account. She looked “spooktacular” and “faboolous” wearing the costume of the ********** Pennywise, the title character of the horror movie, It.

Liza hosted a Halloween party with her rumored boyfriend Enrique Gil, who, on the other hand, chose to portray as Joker. Their loveteam is popularly known as LizQuen.

The Kapamilya actress once more wowed the fans with her drastic transformation as Pennywise. However, Liza still looked gorgeous as ever even with the petrifying costume. Her fans were thrilled and at the same time, amazed, and praised Darna for her effort and for nailing the Halloween this year.

Some jested that while Liza tries to be a horrifying character, her pretty face always flaunts along the way. It is as if no costume or nothing will make the actress ugly at all.

Netizens cannot help but applaud her beauty eventhough she appeared scary. Others were in awe of how she managed to be more stunning than frightening in her costume. Some wittingly remarked to be amazed and scared at the same time.

Liza Soberano is one of the prettiest faces in showbiz today. Her effortless beauty always stuns the crowd when she prepared and dressed up for all occasions – from Awards Night to Kapamilya events and even Halloween parties.


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