Pagiging malambing ni Vic Sotto sa kanyang anak ang naging dahilan kung bakit ganito ang naging titig ni Pauleen Luna.

To keep a strong and solid family is not that easy. It requires a strong bond with each other, consistent understanding, unconditional love with each other, sweetness, and trust.

One way to make your family unbreakable is to consistently show affection to your loveones. Love will be the source of your strength in showing your affection to the members of your family. As a parent, everything you show to your little ones will be the product of what will they become in the future.

An example of how parenting should be is the well-known celebrity couple Vic and Pauleen Sotto. Pauleen Luna is a TV Host/Actress in GMA. She was married to Vic Sotto, also a TV Host/Actor in GMA, in January 30, 2016. On November 6, 2017, the celebrity couple was blessed with a cute and adorable baby girl named Tali.

On a trending video on Instagram of the said family, you can clearly see how Vic and Baby Tali bond with each other. Their sweetness is remarkable. You can also notice how Baby Tali loves her father so much. On the video, Baby Tali was sleeping on her fathers chest which causes Pauleen look in a happy way. Maybe, Pauleen is proud to have Vic Sotto as a father of her child.

Netizens were happy with the said post. Here are some comments:

“Yung tingin ni Mama sa mag-ama n’ya. Kainlove” “So sweet to each other”

“Cute nina bossing at baby tali”

There is also another video shared in instagram. On the video, the couple are eating and Baby Tali was watching them. You can see how cute and adorable is Baby Tali.

There are many stories posted about how Vic Sotto exhibit his unconditional love towards his family. He is an example of a father that truly cares for his child and wife. Vic Sotto is a sweet and kind person. No wonder that many people loves him. His ways of parenting is proven and tested because he also have to childs named Oyo and Danica who have their own happy and strong family.


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