Derek Ramsay shares to the public how supportive his girlfriend Andrea Torres is!

Derek Arthur Baggao Ramsay Jr., popularly known as Derek Ramsay is a 39-year-old British-born Filipino model, actor, host, and former VJ. He was born in Enfield, England and was raised in Cainta, Rizal, Philippines. His Filipina mother, Remedios Baggao-Ramsay was the head of the housekeeping unit of 11 Cadogan Gardens in England, and his British father, Derek Arthur Ramsay Sr. was an inspector for the Metropolitan Police Service stationed in Scotland Yard.

Recently, he surprises a lot of his fans and supporters as he revealed to the public that he and Andrea is happily enjoying their “in a relationship” status. He was also vocal when it comes to his appreciation of how supportive his girlfriend is.

They are one of the most talked-about couples in the industry today. Their first project together was “The Better Woman” which ended successfully on September 27.
According to previous reports, Derek confirmed his break up with former longtime girlfriend Joanne Villablanca last June. Joane is a model and the actor’s girlfriend for almost six years. They had actually decided to settle down but because of an unidentified reason, they decided to end their relationship. It was not a long time since Derek found the new love of his life, Andrea Torres who is a very supportive and loving girlfriend to him.

It was just recently when the couple took social media by storm when Andrea posted sweet photos of them together as she went to Shanghai China to support Derek in the WFDF 2019 Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Championships. A lot of their fans and supporters were very much delighted that they are now together and enjoying the company of each other as it can be seen on their social media posts.

Andrea Benideth Elizabeth Torres, professionally known as Andrea Torres is a 29-year-old actress, host, dancer, underwear designer, and commercial model. She is currently an exclusive contract artist of GMA Network.

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